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Deidhra Fahey Photography

"Pranshu's energy in the booth is exceptional. He's fun, engaging, and takes direction like a pro. We would happily work with Pranshu any day of the week!"

- Ryan Ricks & Brittany Cox



Born in India, my parents brought me to the US as a baby. As a child, I was raised in two spheres: the reality around me that was growing up in America and the stories and cultural inheritance of an Indian family. Going from stories that inspired and entertained me for years (and still do), it was a natural fit for me to pursue acting and performance. 

After graduating from UCLA with a BA in Theatre, I've been hard at work putting my voice to stories, making some of my own, and helping whoever I can with the power of the spoken word.

My voice has been described as friendly, relatable, and warm, and I carry that forward in my every day, inside and outside the booth.

Come visit me on my Instagram to see me in my day to day. I'm always eager to share, come and celebrate with me!


Deidhra Fahey Photography

"Pranshu is a great communicator, he's fast, very talented and very professional. Could not have hoped for a better experience!"

- Lilith Games


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Youthful, energetic, and grounded. From 0 to 100.

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If you've got any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to shoot me an email at!

I record remotely with Sourceconnect. I can also

travel to record in studio.

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